Monday, November 17, 2014

Why do all good things come to and end?!?

Everything in this world comes with an expiration date. Some come with date engraved while the others are just too sudden. Just look around yourself, what is it that is going to last forever? The food that you cooked last night? Nope. How about the top that you bought last week? Or the new silverware for your kitchen? Your new car? Well these are the objects that can be replaced if not recovered. But what I would really like to talk about are things bigger than the objects. Friendship? Relationship? Times spent with good people? Happiness? Yup, all the good things or even the bad ones don’t last forever. Unless it’s diamond, as they say. Well if you are someone prone to losing stuff like I am then even diamonds don’t stay forever with you, if not last! ;)

Knowing that something is coming to an end soon and yet trying to work around it can be very messy. The day I started my college, I knew I wanted to get out of this place. All along I knew I was not going to stay here after graduation. But now that it is finally happening, it just feels so weird. Something doesn’t feel right. These glorious four plus years that I spent in this place is coming to an end and I don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t know if this made sense but the point here is that maybe it’s not the end that is dreadful but the change that follows is scarier?

It’s hard getting used to not being around something or someone that you once adored for months or years. Most of us can’t handle things coming to an end so we build this unseen boundary around so we don’t have to deal with such loss again. And that limits the comfort zone. Some people push away people that care for them, some turn down the biggest opportunities in life, some stay at one place forever; because they are scared of starting all over again by gambling what they already have. When something comes to an end, it leaves an unseen scar and overlooking that scar and rebuilding the lost emotions/objects can be difficult.  

Then again, is being scared enough to hold us down forever? Us human beings, we are weird. They say the grass is greener on the other side, yet we are afraid to walk to that other side. Why? No matter how not green and barren this side is, we are too comfortable with what we have in this zone. The brighter side might be happier and greener but we are so used to being in this side that we much rather stay in this dark zone forever. And I am not complaining about it, it’s human nature! I’ve seen the strongest people around me shattered to little pieces after losing something dear to them.

Is there a better way of dealing with it? I guess not. As Nelly Furtado sings, “Flames to dust.. lovers to friends.. why do all good things come to an end?”, everything does come to an end, sooner or later. The common mistake though, that I often tend to make is listening to that little voice in the back of my head that tells me “this is going to end”. This makes it difficult for me to let my guard down.

I remember someone once dear to me telling me, “if you are going to start this thinking this will end one day then what’s the point of even starting it?”. Getting over the fact that everything is momentary is not easy. I get scared when I get too happy thinking that it is coming to an end soon. Instead maybe I should start enjoying every moment rather than being afraid of losing what I have right now. And maybe you should too? Or at least give it a try?!? Cheers! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dealing with heartbreaks?!?

Dealing with heartbreaks is the worst. Oftentimes in life we find ourselves in situations when we feel betrayed, ignored, left out or in simpler term just heartbroken. There could be zillions of reasons behind it. The one that I hate the most is when you care for someone just too much and don’t get even half of it in return. So in such conditions we try our best to find things to make ourselves feel better. I personally dance my stress away, or sometimes bake, or clean or find something to distract myself. Yet at the end of the day when you have no option but to face the sad demon within yourself, you realize how badly you’re hurting.

Coming to think about it though, I feel like we are the ones who put ourselves in that place. We are hurt because we care. We immensely put our trust in someone and get disappointed when we don’t get back the same in return, or at least most of us. We put some people in our top priority list when we barely even make it to their to-do-list… for the week.

It’s frustrating how you can see that you are not as important to them and still you care. You can give your hearts and lungs out (lol) to those people if possible. You also know that if you needed the same, they wouldn’t do it. These are the people that give you cold shoulders and yet you can’t help but care for them. You lose all your practical rationalism when it comes to these people.

I have been told by many that I am a very rational and practical person. And I do agree that I am.. Well for most people. I don’t have hard time saying no in situations. Then again there are these handful of people that fall under my top priority list that I care about with passion. What sucks most is when the people from that list are the people that let you down. Imagine when this realization strikes you when you are sitting in a public place and you can do nothing but cry your heart out. Then you are left with no option but to take the consolation from strangers because the person that was supposed to be your shoulder to cry on is the reason behind your tears. Yupp, definitely not a pleasing situation to be in.

How do we deal in these situations? I wish there was an easy way to get out of it. Imagine having a switch that would let you turn your emotions on and off when you wanted to. That would be wonderful!! I wish there was a better way for us to realize things. We are surrounded by people that love us and care for us. Yet we choose to take these people for granted and go after people that don’t even give a shite!

I am no expert when it comes to dealing with heartbreaks. But then as the saying by the great Abraham Lincoln goes, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be”. This is where I take the motivation from. I might be deeply shattered and heartbroken but I always try to find ways to make myself happy. I always chose to be happy over heartbroken. So all I can say to you folks is to try to find things that make you happy. Realizing that you are heartbroken and running it in your head over and over again just makes things worst. So rather than thinking about it and killing yourself within, try to do things that actually make you happy. Be with people who want to make you happy and do the same for them. I know it is hard but it is not something not do-able! Cheers! (:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spread Love.. Not Judgment!

One thing that bugs me to the extremes is unnecessary judgment! This rant is directed to everyone in the society in general, including myself.. Why do we judge? Why is there so much hatred in the society these days? Why can't people just let each other be and mind their own freaking business? Why are there so many people sticking their nose in other people's life!!!This is seriously so freaking annoying.

This post will hopefully give you some insight into achieving uber happiness by being able to ignore the senseless critics from the society. Whether you are 16 or 60, despite any age group, you will always find some people more interested in your life than their own. Some people just don't have better things to do in life I guess. Seriously, you can't do one thing you like without being judged, 

I have been very good at ignoring people's judgment and doing whatever the hell I've wanted to do so far. It has not been an easy journey, I tell you! Every now and then I hear stories about myself and that just boils my blood. The things is, it doesn't really matter whether the story is true or not, what matters is, why the hell is it of anybody else's interest? Why is it being discussed about? The action may or may not be at the best of my interest, BUT I am the one who is going to be dealing with the aftermath, not anyone else!

Let me tell you why you shouldn't stop living your life just because the society is there to judge. First of, we all have one life to live and no one is getting out of it alive! You don't even know if you're gonna last two months down the line and then there is so much this world has to offer. So rather than being afraid of what your cousin's best friend's sister is going to think about you, just do whatever your heart pleases! This might sound a bit far-stretched but trust me, there are so many simple things in life that I've seen people around me not do because of the fear of being judged.

One thing we should always remember is, we are our own person. There is no one else that would have to take 100% responsibility of your actions than yourself. So rather than thinking about what someone else thinks about you, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you will be able to look straight into your own eyes and face yourself tomorrow. As long as what you're doing doesn't harm anyone else's life in any possible ways, never fear to spread your wings. I seriously feel sorry for those people who really want to do so many things in life, but don't because of the society. The society is just too brutal. 

Then to the extreme haters in this world, why does anything and everything that people around you do has to bug you? Don't just sit down and pass judgement until you've walked in that person's shoes. Try doing something significant in your life rather than sitting down and talking behind people's back. 

Be mindful that as long as you know what you're doing, you're not entitled to anybody's opinion. There will always be people settling themselves in the judge's chair and forcing their opinion about your life. If those people are not your family and close friends then the best bet for you here is to just ignore and be happy!!! (:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chest full of laments!

Tired of being so strong Walking down the memory lane Behind all the flimsy hatred Beneath the strong walls of anguish Lies a chest full of laments!
All at once when emotions give in With the questions and guilt arising Going back to the bitter sweet days When things felt right and days were bright Cocooned in ecstatic lights!
Forever never seemed far away, yet Nothing lasts forever they say Roads might have been disunited Walls of strength might have built around Yet some days the chest uncloses!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

23 and Single - The PERKS! (;

It's been a LONG time folks.. But I'm back, with a bang.. tee hee. This post is going to be very different from the others that I've written. I've always been complaining about stuff and raging and ranting. This is the first time I will be looking at the positive side about something. Being single- Love it or hate it, but you have to live with it.. well for some.

These days, I feel like I'm surrounded by people who are either getting in relationships, getting married, having babies and what not. I just have to log into Facebook and Bam.. all these couple posts. I'm not even a marriage material. All my relationships have been terrible so far and I am not very fond of babies either. Yet, there are times when these posts just happen to boil my blood, giving me that ping of jealousy. I guess early 20s is that time when people start taking these things seriously. Being 23, the peer pressure is definitely high when even the youngest cousin in the family starts dating.

Having said that though, peer pressure and jealousy are not just enough to make it the end of the world. There are so many perks of being single. Lets start from the biggest of all - having no strings attached. Early 20s is also a time when most of us are graduating out of college. The first stepping stone towards career building. When you are in a relationship, the opportunity just narrows down. One is bound to compromise for another or there will be some sort of guilt trips for one or the other. When you are single though, the world is just waiting for you with the arms wide open. Not just from one state to another, you could even travel to another side of the world without the strings from your relationship like long distance, break ups, compromises, and things like that pulling you down.

Then comes the self-appreciation part. When you're in a relationship, you're always investing your time and energy in it that you don't really have some time for just yourself. You're either arguing about something, convincing each other about something, or doing things that you both can agree upon. Now that you're single, you can blissfully utilize the times, that you'd otherwise be spending on arguing, to do something meaningful. You will be surprised to see what you're actually capable of doing or at your new found hobbies.

Ever since I have been single, I have realized I'm actually getting good at so many things. My financial condition is starting to get better, career-wise I'm actually moving forward, my social life is getting better, my unwavering diligence at work, and the best of all - I don't have to look for reasons to be happy, I just am!

Well it always depends on what kind of relationship you are in. Some people are lucky enough to find the perfect ones in one shot while the others are just always in the wrong ones; and I happen to be the latter. For the first time in a while, I've come to a realization that I'm actually happy. I don't have many baggage from relationship holding me down. 

Being single doesn't mean you're alone. You actually start appreciating people around you and having time to spend with them. You always have your friends and family to back you up. Being single might not be the best thing to happen to you, but trust me peeps, it is also not the worst. Just because everyone is getting in a relationship doesn't mean you can't be single and happy. "Two roads diverged into a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." ~ Robert Frost. This definitely speaks the state of my mind. Having chosen career over love, I hope someday it will make a good difference in my life. Few years down the line, I see myself reading this poem "The Road not Taken" with a smile on my face! (:

Monday, April 28, 2014

Raghav - Taking the contemporary Nepali movies to another level

I haven't written a movie review ever. However, after watching the movie Raghav, I had this urge to review the movie. The reason being that, I want as many people as possible to watch and enjoy the uniqueness that it has to offer. The movie night was organized/screened by Nepali Students Association (NSA) at Minnesota State University Moorhead, USA. It is always a great day to try something new, so here I am with my review on the movie. Please deal with the fact of it being as amateur as it can be. (:

Raghav has been the most awaited movie in different parts of the United States as the promotions kicked off almost a year ago. What stands out most about the movie is its story. Director and storyteller Bhupendra Bhattarai, has skillfully captured the lives of all the Nepalese people chasing their dreams, staying abroad. It's hard to tell that the movie is his directorial debut. Being an undergrad, majoring in Film Studies, kudos to the effort he has put in his very first movie. Also while carrying out the promotions, he rightfully chose the target audience to be people living abroad and especially the young college kids in United States.

So, as I was saying, Raghav revolves around the story of a young boy, Raghav, living in the United States and all the ups and downs he goes through in life. The story depicts the different stressful situation he comes across which juggles between his family, long distance relationship, work and studies, time management, and the list continues. What he goes through in life is pretty much what each one of us go through - people who are studying and living abroad. The story is down to earth and there isn't any part that you would feel has been exaggerated. It shuns the mainstream "masaledaar" item numbers and action scenes and the simplicity and reality is what it makes it different from the usual.

The actors in the movie are newbies, completely fresh to the glamour world. Having said that though, they have all done justice to their roles. Actor Shibir Pokharel's (Raghav in the movie) cuteness will definitely get you stuck on your seat throughout the movie, just saying! I could personally relate to Asmita Dhakal (Aastha in the movie) who depicts a modern day woman who doesn't really care about what other people think about her. She also happens to be my personal favorite character from the movie. Rocken Byanjankar (Swapnil in the movie), Ashishma Nakarmi (Nisha in the movie) and Kait Brasel (Kylie in the movie) have also put in outstanding performance in the movie. The movie would have been different without these characters as the movie goes in depth about all these character's stories that revolves around Raghav's character.

All in all, in my opinion, Raghav is a must-watch movie. The story has boldly touched the common yet unspoken topics like green cards, working off-campus, etc and stripped down the real life story that people go through living abroad. It is highly encouraged for people living back home to watch the movie and understand what their loved ones have to go through, living in a strange place away from home. The life style definitely looks glamorous in Facebook and social networking websites, but once you watch the movie, you will also get to see the real-world situation.

I rate the movie 4 and half out of 5 for the awesome effort that everyone has put in the movie and for the story that speaks the truth of million of Nepalese people all around the globe. The sound tracks in the movie are also very soothing and catchy. The half point that I took off was for the first half of the movie which happens to be a little sluggish. You just wish the movie would start getting to it's point while watching the first half. The second half however takes its peak throughout the movie and holds a very strong connection with the first half.

The movie is being screened in US, UK, Australia, and different corners of the world and is expected to be screened in Nepal in about a month.

The story might seem something familiar and common, but the presentation is what it makes it different. As the story progresses, you will have an impression of living and getting into Raghav's life more than just watching the movie. So, make sure you buy yourself a ticket peeps. Its definitely worth the time and money you will be spending on! (:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Masqueraded Smiles

Yes its sinking me in
Taken up all I had to offer
What is left of me?
I question myself,
I look in the mirror
It stares right back at me
Blank stare!

Who am I?
I question myself again,
All I see is a weak, pathetic soul
Smothered in the smoke of despair,
Staring right back at me
Blank stare!

Do you see what you've done?
The eyes don't smile no more!
Do you see your cynical self in me?
I don't know myself no more!
The depth of my inner anguish?
Oh them masqueraded smiles,
Might have covered them all!

I bet your preeminent self is content
Seeing all the shifts you made
You smile, I smile; You frown, I frown
Who cares what's beneath the masquerade?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Breaking up sucks, Period!

I was sitting on couch one day watching one of the videos of my ex's performance on Facebook and it finally hit me.. I was dumped. He was singing so well and with such feelings and emotions, but none of those were for me anymore. It took me almost two weeks to process everything in and accept that I was finally single. We all know breaking up sucks and no matter whether you are the one dumping or being dumped, there is nothing pleasant about breaking up. The difference is, if you are one of those jerks breaking up via text or the one who grows a pair and does it face to face, it is not that intense, if you are the one dumping someone.

It definitely sucks to be the one being dumped. I really like the elastic theory of relationship. Being in a relationship is like holding an elastic band at two ends. There is always one person holding their end a little tighter than the other one. And if someday, one decides to let it go, its the person with stronger grip that gets hurt. This pretty much sums up the whole idea of break up. If you were the one that loved a little too much, you will be the one that gets hurt a little too much as well.

I also think that women tend to be more expressive and are hurt more when dealing with break ups. I could be wrong here but I'm speaking from what I've seen the most. That could also be because men don't really express their emotions and like to keep it cool. I've never had to experience a situation where I had to be a shoulder for a guy friend to cry on because he broke up. Women also tend to plan everything ahead and once they think that its getting real, they start expecting more and planning for the future. That could be the reason why us, women, get hurt most of the times. We expect, we plan, and then when we don't get it, we break into pieces. No matter how badly we get hurt though, we manage to stand up tall again and fall in love again. That is what I find interesting about women.

So the whole point of me writing this is to let my girlfriends know that it's okay to be miserable after you break up. It is not abnormal if we can't stop thinking about that jerk who broke our heart. It is completely fine to have the urge/desperation to get him back. Or if he is the first person you want to call when something wonderful or terrible happens to you. Or if all these songs, food, etc. etc. remind you of him. I know people will tell you to forget everything and move on because he broke your heart. Truth is, no matter how badly he treated you, it is indeed hard to move on right away!

Having said that though, we need to realize when to draw the line and know how to tackle those urges. Forbidden fruits always taste the best but we should realize that its momentary and the after effects that follows are no good. The urges are certainly inevitable but our actions are not. We could be dwelling over the memories from our past and never moving forward again. Such memories that hold us back should be flushed down the toilet. No matter how biter-sweet the memories are, they still sting.

Then in the end we should also not forget that there are plenty of other fishes in the sea.. and no, he's not the Nemo. lol If he was, he would still be around. As E. L. James quotes, "You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince". So just take the whole thing like you kissing yet another unlucky frog and move on. If he says, "baby, it's not you, its me", these are the words you should believe in. Even though he's using those words to get out of the mess, it never was you. Keep repeating to yourself that it's not you, it's him and realize that you definitely deserve a lucky frog.. not literally! (; 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Growing up sucks??

Why grow up? Well it's more than just a rhetorical question I'm sure. We keep hearing about it very often. This time the article is not the usual rants I'd write about. This is more of an analysis maybe? (Blame it on the literary-analysis classes that I'm taking). Whatever it is, "growing up" is something that can be taken in many different ways and we all have different perspectives to it. No matter how we keep repeating to ourselves, "age is just a number", our way of looking at things keep changing with age.

In my opinion though, no matter we hate it or love it, it is happening.. everyday. And we might not even be noticing it sometimes. I hope you get the hang of the type of growing up that I'm talking about here. Well I will throw in some ideas/situations of how we are all growing up in one way or another every day.

The much talked about topic is of course learning to manage your bills. Gone are the days when you would juggle back and forth between your mom and dad to negotiate for the maximum possible dollars/rupees you could most possibly get out of them. And that was just to spend on some stupid parties/shopping sprees/dates or what-so-ever you had planned out. Now you've started making some money and every penny counts, literally! Now you plan your budget and make the calculations. You might even think twice before spending $20 on a dress that you've had your eyes on for long! (; Yupp that is a part of growing up.

Then comes the "what the hell was I thinking?" moments.. very often. Relating to the previous situation, you could be thinking about the money you wasted just because you were going to some party/trip or something like that which doesn't make sense to you anymore. The moment you realize you were doing it just because it wasn't your hard earned money. Or you could be thinking about the time and energy you wasted on that puppy love when clearly it meant nothing.. it was just puppy love. Or the unnecessary fights you picked up with a friend over a trivial issue. When you actually start to sit down and analyze all these different moments, it's most definitely a part of growing up.

Then the learning to let go phase. This includes respecting other people's opinion as well. You come across all these situations, almost on a daily basis, when you'd much rather punch someone in their gut. Rather, you realize life is too short to be arguing/fighting over everything. So no matter how hot headed you are, you learn to pull yourself together and smile and walk away. Then there are situations where you might hold completely different opinion than someone else's. You start stepping in someone else's shoes and trying to look at the world from a different perspective. Your willingness to try says it all.

One of the most important part of growing up in my opinion is learning the value of different relationships. You don't fight/argue with your family members very often because you know their value now. You'd rather have a few very good friends than a flock of needy-parasitic people you call "friends".. yes I said it! :P You want to spend more time with these important people in your life or let's just say your life revolves around these people.

Well if you think about it there are many more small and big changes that you can see in yourself. Growing up happens too early for some and very late for others. Also growing up doesn't necessarily mean growing old. This happens when you actually make use of the "calendar" app you have on your phone. You start planning ahead of time and try to manage your life on your own. Life is no longer about deciding the color of crayons or picking out your cloths. Facebook status updates are less dramatic now. You learn to move on from things that you know are non-achievable. No matter how hard it is, you start compromising and settling down. After all there's more to life than just crying over spilled milk!

And also growing up is not always that bad and doesn't suck so much! You could still be doing stupid things or making mistakes; but at the end of the day what matters is if you are at least learning something from it. Growing up doesn't necessarily mean giving up all the fun activities in your life and getting trapped into a web of responsibilities. Well it is, but then again it is entirely up to you on how you take it. No matter you call it mandatory or not, growing up is inevitable.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Curve of the hips or the curve of the lips?

Girlfriends, do you remember the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and didn't see a single imperfection on your face? Do you remember the last time you were (honestly) so content of how you looked? Do you remember the last time you were super comfortable being in your own skin? Do you remember the last time you looked at a super pretty/skinny/tall.. woman and didn't feel intimidated? I bet most of the questions have been answered no by most of us. Have you realized why? Well lets look into what is wrong with today's society (including ourselves) invaded by the "size-zero/perfect face" trend.

Women these days are obsessed with obtaining perfect face and perfect body. No matter how good they look, they still thrive for better. The bar has been raised so high. The new "perfect" has reached another level. Gone are the days when women were appreciated for natural looks and curvy body. Look at Marilyn Monroe for example. She was pretty curvy but still so much desired. Even voluptuous is a big NO these days and double zero is even better than size zero. People these days in general have been inclined to the materialistic beauty so much that the inner beauty or the X-factor doesn't even seem to matter anymore.

Is it the media to blame? In my opinion if not all, media definitely has a lot to do in this. The way the women are pictured in the media has a lot to do in influencing the normal people. What normal people, like us, fail to notice is that these idols, highlighted by the media have access to terrific make up artists, photographers, designers and what not. Having said that, I am not implying that the women seen on the magazine covers/television are not at all beautiful in the everyday life. They are, I'm sure. The problem however is hiding what is natural and bringing out a different and perfected version of them. Do you seriously think they never get zits on their face or gain a couple of pounds here and there? They do, but then again with the tools they have access to, it can always be taken care of.

People these days idealize the women to the point where they try their best to reach close to that perfection. This is realistically close to impossible (with some exceptions) unless you can make use of those tools in everyday life. The victims here are especially young girls who are greatly under pressure to look better than their peers. They grow up playing with Barbie dolls, looking at and idealizing women with perfect face and perfect body on TV and magazines. They are also driven by the highlighted sensuality. The result? Their innocent hearts don't understand the difference. They fail to notice that if barbie dolls were personified they would look very realistically unappealing. Young girls skipping meals and trying all sort of cosmetic products to look prettier is normal these days. They don't even grow up naturally anymore because of the pressure from their peers.

I am also not saying everyone is inclined towards this glamorous trend. There are people who can rise above all these materialistic beauty and live their life simple and less complicated. Kudos to these people. I tell you, its not easy and not everyone can do that.

I often hear people say looking presentable is a must these days. My only question is, who defines "presentable"? I'm sure my definition of presentable differs from yours. Not everyone is same and not everyone looks same or has same taste. "Presentable" should be based on personal choice and comfort zone. The problem with today's society is that it doesn't let people accept and love their own skin. It might not sound right to everyone but trust me, no matter how hard you try to ignore people's judgement, it gets you somehow. Deep inside it does leave that ping of disappointment and overcoming it is hard. Even I have been trying so hard to block people's opinion but one way or another it does make me weak. Every time you try to look beyond your imperfection and move on, there will be people/media that keep reminding you about it.

I am not here trying to oppose the new-defined beauty to the fullest. All I'm saying is everyone is beautiful and everyone has right to feel beautiful. The media is intimidating most people. Even aging is different now. People make use of different remedies, surgeries, and whatsoever to alter the aging process. The world has been so indulged in this growing trend of glamour, beauty and elegance that beauty and brain has lost its value.

So people lets try and appreciate our own beauty. We are all beautiful in our own way. Not everyone is obliged to look perfect everyday. So lets not fall prey to this glamour-dominated society and rise above that. We are capable of conquering the world if we think we can. Don't let your fat or zits come your way (: I will start off by saying "You're beautiful" to each one of you. Give it a try peeps, instead of being total snobs, let's make someone's day better.  Let 's make them feel beautiful! (:

Monday, January 20, 2014



Dealing with jet lags can seriously be a pain. Especially when you travel back and forth from one side of the world to another in less than a month. Having said that, unfortunately this rant is not about some sort of petty issue like jet lag. This time my rant is about something bigger; something that left me with a mixed feeling of disappointment, anger, patheticity, helplessness, and the list goes on. So here goes my rant about a really bad experience that I had to go through when I traveled home and back flying through Turkish Airlines. 

Going back home in three and half years, you can only imagine how high the excitement level can be. Even the sulky flight attendants, the sucky aircraft with no TV screen, terrible food, unannounced delay at the airport, having to buy water at ridiculously expensive price, to name a few problems were all overlooked. Thanks to that overwhelmingly longing desire to be back home and be in the arms of loved ones. Everything was tolerable or tolerated somehow you can say!

The problem however was coming back to the United States from Nepal. The flight gets delayed everyday by about 4 hours at least at the airport in Nepal. Due to this reason, all these people travelling from Nepal are bound to get stuck at some International Airport in Turkey for about 23 hrs plus/minus, depending on how lucky or unlucky you get. It has been happening for over a month and the worst part is Turkish Airlines is doing nothing to fix this. 

If they know for sure that all the passengers in that flight are going to miss the connecting flight from Istanbul due to only an hour long transit, why don't they change the flight time in the first place? Its not the story of a day or two that you can simply blame the weather on and overlook. It has been happening for more than a freaking month. What the hell are these airlines people thinking?

The real problem starts at the TAV Istanbul Airport (I looked it up, just too irresistible to not mention the name!). Apparently, its an International Airport with the arrivals of flights from different corners of the world being announced in every two minutes or so. The irony however is that nobody understands English. I honestly found just one person in that whole airport who could fluently communicate with me in English. Not trying to offend anyone, but if its an International Airport, you would expect the workers to at least be able to communicate in a universal language spoken!

We were a bunch of Nepalese people trying to figure out where to go since people working at the airport were just sending us from one desk to another. All we could figure out was that since we had Nepalese passport, we wouldn't be issued even a one-day long visa to go stay at the hotel outside. The in-airport hotel was "already full". If you bear Nepalese passport, their attitude towards you just changes.

The thing that bothered me was even if something sour had happened in the past due to some foolish Nepalese people, how can you punish the 30-40 group of people who get stuck at the airport on a daily basis just because they share the same nationality? Is there some sort of beef going on between Turkey and Nepal? Even if there is how could those people working at the airport be so biased and inhuman?

Everybody else either got the outside-airport or in-airpoirt hotels besides Nepalese passengers. Even without a good place to stay for another 23 hours, we had no idea where were we supposed to go. Some of us were told to go to Passport check point, some were told to go to security, some were told to go to food court. We were so tired making rounds and rounds at the same place with no success of finding a reliable information. If you ask where the food court is, nobody understands you. They just walk away like you just don't exist for them.

Finally after arguing for long, we figured out the way to food court. Even getting food vouchers from the airlines help desk was like fighting some serious war. Even with boarding passes from their airlines, they would say you didn't fly with them and expect you to just smile and say thank you and pay for the god damn overpriced and sucky tasting food. Thanks to the gesture of kindness and unity that runs in our Nepalese blood, we all got together and gave them a good fight. If nothing we at least managed to get food vouchers from them. 

At the food court, it sucks for you if you're a vegetarian like me. They'll ask you to pick between two options, both non-vegetarian. If you eat meat you are good, if you don't; well sucks for you! They don't give a flying frack and expect you to still pick one of the two. I'm glad I am not one of those people who gives up easy, so I fought for my vegetarian meal. Then finding a place to sleep was another trouble. Even with empty couches in the rest area, they still send you back asking you to look for a bench to sleep on. After a good argument, we managed to convince them that at 2 am in the morning, no one is going to complain that the couches meant for watching TV are occupied by some tired passengers trying to get few hours of rest.

Looking back, I am surprised how we all managed to survive all that and come back all intact. One lesson is learnt though, if you are some introvert, who can't fight for yourself, better pack lunch, dinner, sleeping bags and whatsoever possible, if you are flying with Turkish Airlines. Even the introverts had reached their breaking point and had started speaking up! The service was that bad! People at the airport were honestly so rude that they were acting as if it was our own fault that we missed the flight and they were doing us a freaking huge favor by answering our questions. Most of them wouldn't answer anyway!

This trip made me realize how inhuman and emotionless some people can be. You're supposed to help these innocent group of people stuck at your airport. These people that your country has asked not to be issued visa because of which they are stuck inside an airport for over 23 hours. All they are asking is for you to be co operative a bit and help them out as much as you can. Instead, how can you just show your "behind" to them and just walk away? How does your inner self allow you to be that stone-hearted?

I wish I could publish this in some Turkish National newspaper; translated in their language of course! Not because I want to intimidate them or to be famous, but to let them know how badly their people are treating everyone else at the airport. Even those non-Nepalese people who managed to get hotels were still complaining about the service, so it was not only Nepalese people. The most saddening part though is how some people are treated so low just because they come from a certain country. Even if there is some beef going on between Turkey and Nepal, why would they punish these innocent travelers by treating them like a piece of shite? I've heard the same story from everyone flying with Turkish Airlines on a daily basis. 

So this is not just a rant but a request to all Nepalese people to completely avoid Turkish Airlines. Please think about how your fellow citizens are being mistreated there; it could also be you someday! Its not even that cheap tickets I tell you. If you save about $300-$400 more, you could fly with so much respect and dignity, so why would you pick Turkish Airlines? I'd never felt so much worthless in my life before. I know you only understand the depth of emotions once you go though them yourself but please take these words and do not bother putting yourself in that situation. Its not worth it at all trust me. So please people, spread the word and say no to Trukish Airlines! Lets bring this disrespect based on nationality to an end!