Curve of the hips or the curve of the lips?

Girlfriends, do you remember the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and didn't see a single imperfection on your face? Do you remember the last time you were (honestly) so content of how you looked? Do you remember the last time you were super comfortable being in your own skin? Do you remember the last time you looked at a super pretty/skinny/tall.. woman and didn't feel intimidated? I bet most of the questions have been answered no by most of us. Have you realized why? Well lets look into what is wrong with today's society (including ourselves) invaded by the "size-zero/perfect face" trend.

Women these days are obsessed with obtaining perfect face and perfect body. No matter how good they look, they still thrive for better. The bar has been raised so high. The new "perfect" has reached another level. Gone are the days when women were appreciated for natural looks and curvy body. Look at Marilyn Monroe for example. She was pretty curvy but still so much desired. Even voluptuous is a big NO these days and double zero is even better than size zero. People these days in general have been inclined to the materialistic beauty so much that the inner beauty or the X-factor doesn't even seem to matter anymore.

Is it the media to blame? In my opinion if not all, media definitely has a lot to do in this. The way the women are pictured in the media has a lot to do in influencing the normal people. What normal people, like us, fail to notice is that these idols, highlighted by the media have access to terrific make up artists, photographers, designers and what not. Having said that, I am not implying that the women seen on the magazine covers/television are not at all beautiful in the everyday life. They are, I'm sure. The problem however is hiding what is natural and bringing out a different and perfected version of them. Do you seriously think they never get zits on their face or gain a couple of pounds here and there? They do, but then again with the tools they have access to, it can always be taken care of.

People these days idealize the women to the point where they try their best to reach close to that perfection. This is realistically close to impossible (with some exceptions) unless you can make use of those tools in everyday life. The victims here are especially young girls who are greatly under pressure to look better than their peers. They grow up playing with Barbie dolls, looking at and idealizing women with perfect face and perfect body on TV and magazines. They are also driven by the highlighted sensuality. The result? Their innocent hearts don't understand the difference. They fail to notice that if barbie dolls were personified they would look very realistically unappealing. Young girls skipping meals and trying all sort of cosmetic products to look prettier is normal these days. They don't even grow up naturally anymore because of the pressure from their peers.

I am also not saying everyone is inclined towards this glamorous trend. There are people who can rise above all these materialistic beauty and live their life simple and less complicated. Kudos to these people. I tell you, its not easy and not everyone can do that.

I often hear people say looking presentable is a must these days. My only question is, who defines "presentable"? I'm sure my definition of presentable differs from yours. Not everyone is same and not everyone looks same or has same taste. "Presentable" should be based on personal choice and comfort zone. The problem with today's society is that it doesn't let people accept and love their own skin. It might not sound right to everyone but trust me, no matter how hard you try to ignore people's judgement, it gets you somehow. Deep inside it does leave that ping of disappointment and overcoming it is hard. Even I have been trying so hard to block people's opinion but one way or another it does make me weak. Every time you try to look beyond your imperfection and move on, there will be people/media that keep reminding you about it.

I am not here trying to oppose the new-defined beauty to the fullest. All I'm saying is everyone is beautiful and everyone has right to feel beautiful. The media is intimidating most people. Even aging is different now. People make use of different remedies, surgeries, and whatsoever to alter the aging process. The world has been so indulged in this growing trend of glamour, beauty and elegance that beauty and brain has lost its value.

So people lets try and appreciate our own beauty. We are all beautiful in our own way. Not everyone is obliged to look perfect everyday. So lets not fall prey to this glamour-dominated society and rise above that. We are capable of conquering the world if we think we can. Don't let your fat or zits come your way (: I will start off by saying "You're beautiful" to each one of you. Give it a try peeps, instead of being total snobs, let's make someone's day better.  Let 's make them feel beautiful! (:


  1. "No matter how hard you try to ignore people's judgement, it gets you somehow. Deep inside it does leave that ping of disappointment and overcoming it is hard."- Love these lines......

    Great writing....since its about beauty....I will start by saying " Your word choices are Beautiful" and so are you :)

  2. hehe thank you so much.. Def. encourages me to write more! (:

  3. Priyanka , I din know that i used to write blogs, First time and first impression ,wonderful. keep rocking in this Tech world. Good luck. Awesome Article. I hope i can read more article written by Priyanka Neupane..

  4. awww thank you Sanat for all those kind words.. I will keep writing and hopefully improving myself all along! (:


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