Salad With A Side Of Tears Please!

Hello after a long time - to roughly 4 readers (Hi cousins!) I probably have left. ;) It's been tooooo long, how did I know? I just had to reset my password for this page, can't even remember the last log in. Also I had to revamp the whole page because apparently the 90s plain text/ no glamor page wasn't "cool" anymore so I was "suggested" to change the theme. Well few mins of playing around with fonts and colors, here we are! Now that I am in, I will try and post more often that I have been; not for the sake of hoping to increase my readers from 4 to roughly 10 (Hi second and third cousins!) I had before, but for the sake of my own sanity. I love to write. Whenever something bothers me, writing and complaining about it just makes everything right. So enough of the chit-chat, lets get to the point.

Body shaming, an art of bullying for some while a topic of self-destruction for others. Now before you roll your eyes and brush it off thinking you have hea…

Life of an Immigrant

Not exclusively inclusive in your own home country; barely even accepted as a member of the new country - welcome to the life of an immigrant. Where your whole life is spent filing paperwork to make sure you are legal in the new country (no matter how long you have lived there), paying taxes, explaining what part of the world you originally came from, repeating yourself over and over because of your "accent", and convincing yourself that this will all be over someday.

About 6 years ago I packed my bags and flew halfway across the world with the hopes and dreams of living a well educated and better life. Being renowned for being "the land of the opportunities" I moved over to create some for myself. Never in my life did I regret of that decision until this week. All thanks to Mr. Trump.

Few days into taking on to his new role to run this country, Mr. Trump decided to make some bizarre executive orders and sadly enough a good chunk of population seems to be agreeing…

This too shall pass!!!

Have you ever felt like quitting everything and just running far away where no body knows you so you could start everything all over again? Or wishing something terrible like an attack or anything deadly would happen to you so all your suffering would come to an end? Most people fear death, but have you wondered about the portion of population who fear the life that they are living instead? While some people pray for a long, healthy life, others could just be praying for it to come to an end. "This is just a phase.. she will get over it!"
"Oh, he is just over thinking, give him 2 days and he will come around."
"She was literally laughing like 2 mins ago, I don't think she is that depressed."
"It's not that big of a deal, you just need a few drinks."

Hitting the rock bottom! Worst feeling in the world. And…

Being Single Sucks?!?

Every morning I wake up, I look in the mirror and ask myself, what is wrong with me? Why is it that I am single. Maybe there is something wrong with me? Maybe it is my imperfect face or could it be my body? Being 20 something, independent, and living a good life, I feel like something is not right. Why? Because I am single. Being single is the new "not-cool" thing and sadly enough, I made it to the list of the outcasts. 

So yesterday, I had this huge craving for Indian food and I wanted to go out and eat. But then, I realized have no companion to go with. After debating for sometime, I decided to go eat in a restaurant by myself. My my, I do own a pair eh? I walked into the restaurant and let the hostess know that I was dining by myself. Well, obviously, she asked me twice and then looked at me like I was some crazy person. Well, yeah I deserved it! Restaurants are meant for only people who have a companion to go with, right? Boy, speak about committing a crime.

As I sat down,…

The day I felt ashamed of calling myself feminist!!

To (especially) all the modern day/keyboard/borderline feminists (Or however you'd like to address yourself), and then everybody else, I highly encourage you all to read the book "I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced". IT IS A MUST READ. I shall tell you why in just a moment.

I still remember the day I bought this book. It was not so long ago when I took a walk down to Barnes and Nobles and was just browsing around the aisles when I came across this book. Something about the little girl's face grabbed my attention and the look of innocence compelled me to buy it. When checking it out with the cashier, little did I know about all the ordeal that this young soul had to go through and the impact that would leave on me. 

I know I have never done book review before, so please ignore my amateurism. The book (non-fiction) is about Nurjood Ali, a girl who was forced by her father to get married at the age of 9. The struggle that she went through after getting married will make you…

Last day on planet Earth

"How would you feel if today was your last day?" I have been asking this question to myself over and over for the last few days.. I blame this on Facebook.. Why? Words of happiness or grief, news travel faster on Facebook than any other medium. And I feel like the word of untimely demises has been filling up my Facebook page like crazy!!! Some strangers and some known people. Whenever I see such posts, I always get this urge to go to that person's Facebook page and see what their last post was about. Forgive me if that is wrong but I always do,. Then I sit down and wonder, what would my last post be? Or what if today was my last day on this planet Earth.

Just think about it, none of these people saw/see it coming. If you go to their FB pages you will know. They are just living normal life like us, posting songs, status updates, and may be just blogs, and BAM, in a splits second their existence is gone. How weird is that? I just feel bad for the people associated with that…

Well Behaved Women Barely Make History


"Like a compass needle that points north, a man's accusing finger always finds a woman. Always.", Khaled Hosseini quotes in "A Thousand Splendid Suns"[I know I have used this quotation as an ending note on another blog also, happens to be my favorite]. I partially agree with this quotation. No offense to Mr. Hosseini, but I believe the pointing fingers are not only that of men but rather the whole society in general. I know you must be tired of reading, watching, hearing, and what not about feminism. So are we. We are also tired of writing, making, screaming, and finding ways to make our voices heard. We are also waiting for the day when we will finally get to stop all this and be in peace.

When it comes to feminism, there is a misconception that it directly involves men-hating. NO! Feminism is not about men hating. Feminism is also not about wanting more or less. Feminism for me is more about being treated like just a…