Last day on planet Earth

"How would you feel if today was your last day?" I have been asking this question to myself over and over for the last few days.. I blame this on Facebook.. Why? Words of happiness or grief, news travel faster on Facebook than any other medium. And I feel like the word of untimely demises has been filling up my Facebook page like crazy!!! Some strangers and some known people. Whenever I see such posts, I always get this urge to go to that person's Facebook page and see what their last post was about. Forgive me if that is wrong but I always do,. Then I sit down and wonder, what would my last post be? Or what if today was my last day on this planet Earth.

Just think about it, none of these people saw/see it coming. If you go to their FB pages you will know. They are just living normal life like us, posting songs, status updates, and may be just blogs, and BAM, in a splits second their existence is gone. How weird is that? I just feel bad for the people associated with that person. Their better half or their loved ones, how will/do they cope with it? 

Us human beings, we are selfish. We always want more. We are never satisfied with whatever we have. More money, more fame, more friends, more power.. more than what we already have. I am not saying all of us don't, but most of us don't tend to appreciate what we already have. You may not have money enough to buy a house of your own or buy an empire for yourself, but hey, you made it through the day. While people out there are grieving over losing someone, you either are intact or your loved one is. That is also a big enough reason to be thankful or happy about. Or look at the things you already have. I am sure there is someone/somewhere out there wishing for the life that you are living.

Nobody gets or deserves EVERYTHING we want in life. Life would be perfect that way. We always have some short comings and that is life all about. Rather than being bitter about what we don't have, why don't we focus on what we already have? After all, there is one life to live, and do you want your last feeling to be something bitter or something filled with grudge?

I know it is all easier said than done, but then again nothing is impossible as they say. We can try by letting go of one bitter feeling each day and embracing a positive one instead. It's like letting go of a nasty addiction - it may be hard but it is not impossible. It all depends on how badly you want to give it up.It all depends on how positive you want your life to be. And it all depends on how badly you want your last post on Facebook to be something positive or full of satisfaction. And, it all depends on how gracious you want your last day on Earth to be.


  1. its always nice to read ur blogs...keep up the good wrk n dont worry bt dying so soon...u need to be a part of lot more parties😉
    tc Pinky Priyanka😙

    1. awhhh Swojani di, I am just seeing this now.. Thank you for the constant encouragement! :)


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