Spread Love.. Not Judgment!


One thing that bugs me to the extremes is unnecessary judgment! This rant is directed to everyone in the society in general, including myself.. Why do we judge? Why is there so much hatred in the society these days? Why can't people just let each other be and mind their own freaking business? Why are there so many people sticking their nose in other people's life!!!This is seriously so freaking annoying.

This post will hopefully give you some insight into achieving uber happiness by being able to ignore the senseless critics from the society. Whether you are 16 or 60, despite any age group, you will always find some people more interested in your life than their own. Some people just don't have better things to do in life I guess. Seriously, you can't do one thing you like without being judged, 

I have been very good at ignoring people's judgment and doing whatever the hell I've wanted to do so far. It has not been an easy journey, I tell you! Every now and then I hear stories about myself and that just boils my blood. The things is, it doesn't really matter whether the story is true or not, what matters is, why the hell is it of anybody else's interest? Why is it being discussed about? The action may or may not be at the best of my interest, BUT I am the one who is going to be dealing with the aftermath, not anyone else!

Let me tell you why you shouldn't stop living your life just because the society is there to judge. First of, we all have one life to live and no one is getting out of it alive! You don't even know if you're gonna last two months down the line and then there is so much this world has to offer. So rather than being afraid of what your cousin's best friend's sister is going to think about you, just do whatever your heart pleases! This might sound a bit far-stretched but trust me, there are so many simple things in life that I've seen people around me not do because of the fear of being judged.

One thing we should always remember is, we are our own person. There is no one else that would have to take 100% responsibility of your actions than yourself. So rather than thinking about what someone else thinks about you, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you will be able to look straight into your own eyes and face yourself tomorrow. As long as what you're doing doesn't harm anyone else's life in any possible ways, never fear to spread your wings. I seriously feel sorry for those people who really want to do so many things in life, but don't because of the society. The society is just too brutal. 

Then to the extreme haters in this world, why does anything and everything that people around you do has to bug you? Don't just sit down and pass judgement until you've walked in that person's shoes. Try doing something significant in your life rather than sitting down and talking behind people's back. 

Be mindful that as long as you know what you're doing, you're not entitled to anybody's opinion. There will always be people settling themselves in the judge's chair and forcing their opinion about your life. If those people are not your family and close friends then the best bet for you here is to just ignore and be happy!!! (:


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