Today I feel like getting raped!

This was just a usual morning for me, yet it started out with an unusual urge- Maybe I should get raped today? I go into the kitchen and help my mom prepare breakfast/lunch while my dad and brother get some extra hours of sleep before starting their days. Well, I am a woman and so is my mother, if we won’t run the kitchen, who else will? So, should I tell my mom about this urge? Hmmm maybe not... what if I don’t get raped? Let me just see how the day goes by. She can wait until tonight when I come home.

Finally household chores are done and I am getting ready to go to work. I pick a pink top and black pants to wear. I hope this will provoke someone to rape me. It doesn't reveal much of my skin, but hey, my sole existence as a woman should be a good enough reason to provoke few men, if not all. With these jumbled up thoughts running wild in my brain, I take a bus. It is crowded but I am almost running late. Also, I can’t afford to take a Taxi. Either way, since I am looking to get raped, why even bother anyway?

I push my way through and stand sandwiched between a middle-aged woman and an elderly man. I was 7 stops away from my destination. Suddenly I feel the man’s hand on my butt. I turn around to glare at him and he just flashes me a toothless grin. He reminds me of my grandfather. His groping doesn't stop. I try to push his hand away but he’s just too resistant. Also, it's my fault that my butt was in his way - I chose to place my butt near him. Man this feels good, my butt is being felt by a strange man who is almost as old as my grandfather. This is normal right? To my utter disappointment, he got off after 3 stops and hence, loneliness?

So I get to work and my day goes by as every other normal day. Mr. Sharma, my boss, is in a good mood today. Unlike every other day, today he decided not to blatantly point out my inadequacy to perform certain task being a woman. Neither did he pull out his favorite “Go get me my sandwich” joke on me. My work area consists of two group of male coworkers: the nice group who mind their own business and treat you like a normal coworker and the other group that think women belong in the kitchen, obviously.. and also they have this power of raping with their eyes. I put up with everything just like every other woman working there. In a male dominated society, you either get fired or just learn to put up with that bullshit. But I am not complaining at all. I am a woman, I know where my place is!

I had to work until late so Mr. Sharma offers me a ride back home. I have worked with him for 2 years now and if he is in one of those happy days, he doesn't mind doing people favors. So I accept his invitation and get in his car. He was being nice to me for a change. We are about fifteen minutes away and he suddenly takes an exit away from my home. It is confusing. He stops somewhere which looks like a middle of nowhere. I try to get out but the doors are already locked. I am trapped in and before I could even realize that his hands are on my thighs and then everywhere else. My protests are all going in vain. He rapes me; then he threatens to fire me and destroy my life if I dare open my mouth. I feel two tight slaps on my face marking an end to his act. Finally he drops me home.

Well the urge is all over. I was looking to get raped and I did. Now my next step is to go to the police station and report about it so that I can announce to the world that I got raped. Hence, I did. No-brainer, I was asked for evidence. Tsk Tsk Tsk.. I am so stupid. I left the house in the morning with that determination of getting raped but foolishly forgot to grab a camera or recorder to capture that moment. I also forgot to bring along a friend or passerby to observe the moment. That moment that I would like to remember and cherish for the rest of my life. Every court I go to, I have to explain every little detail. Every reporters I meet, want to know the details. I get interviewed and people want to know the detail. Everybody freaking wants to know every single thing that happened! Because hey, if I don’t tell the world the detailed description of this story of mine, how will they ALL believe me?

Due to lack of enough evidence, (and a lot of money) Mr. Sharma is set free. Now he is going to fire me for sure. About the society - since I lost the case, I was definitely the one who provoked him or wanted a promotion which is why the whole thing happened. My father didn't really want to support me in the first place because of his “status” in the society. Also in his eyes, I have always been a rebel wanting to go to school, get a job, and you know those things that women shouldn't be doing. After all we were born to run the kitchen and raise kids, WTH was I even thinking? My mother lives in the fear of never being able to find me a good husband now. And me? Well, I asked for the rape and I provoked Mr. Sharma and I was the one to somehow forget to collect evidence so maybe I made a mistake? I am sorry, dear society, for seeking justice and letting you down! I wish I had that camera or a witness!

This is a hypothetical and sarcastic story that I wrote as a tribute to Pooja Karki, Pooja Bohara, (recent victims) and many other innocent girls being raped almost every day. They are fighters in my eyes. Hearing their story is enough to give me goosebumps! If somehow, they could read this, I just wanted to let them know that they are not alone in this fight. This new constitution definitely needs stricter laws against the rapists. If these monsters get to live a good life after destroying somebody else’s, then about time we raise a question in humanity! If we don’t stop blaming the victim and setting the guilty people free, incidents like these will just keep escalating.

Share this and show support to these girls. Spread the word peeps, domestic violence, abuse, and gender-based discrimination needs to come to an end!


  1. Bitter truth... Heart touching :(

  2. Yeah! I agree you. Let's hope this new constitution comes soon, with the strict laws against such criminals.
    And the situation of the passengers in bus, specially micro-vans are so difficult. At first those vans are so small. And it loads for than it's capacity. When the van is driven through the rough road on Nepal, with the fully congested passengers, one can hardly control the balance! Many times, people touch or push each other without intention! sad for that...

  3. That's so thoughtful of you
    Well done
    Respect and support

  4. Thumbs up !!! keep writing,These filled pages would automatically raises the voice against the VAW!!1

  5. Loved your rant. I hope this article reaches more eyes and help change the society we live in.

  6. Strong Piece. Share more. Lets change our-self first.

  7. grt job !!hope new constitution wil bring some laws against rape.

  8. hats off to your writing...strict laws against rape are compulsory

  9. This sounds like those people who say that when a woman gets raped,its her fault. Great story and hope to read your other writings too! Good luck :)

  10. How do you think would he escape if it was a GUY in her place and BOSS was a GAY and a RAPER?

    Story like this showing women weak increases confidence of Bad people over women. women should empower themself and gain respect. sorry story and showing women helpless will gain voice of good people. but wait who needs it? what we need is freedom from morally low people. so, we should not show women as pity seeking creature or helpless from every point. My views.

    1. You read it all differently! This is a sarcasm and you failed to catch it.. This is how the society sees us which is why I wrote it.. We are above this and we can give this society a fight! Just like those two girls that I mentioned in the post, both Poojas.. Which is why I called it a tribute!

      And guys raping guys is not something that doesn't happen.. it does.. it doesn't come out though for some reason.. Maybe people like you should start writing about it and letting men know that its okay to speak up against it? Just saying!

      Thanks for reading the article and taking your time out to provide feedback! :)

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  12. Good Read!! Will wait for more writing :)

  13. loved this article priyanka (Y)


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