Rape Part 2: Answers to some absurd arguments made!

Part 1: http://snout2013.blogspot.com/2015/01/today-i-feel-like-getting-raped.html

I would like to start out by thanking all the supporters who took time out to read and share my blogpost “Today I feel like getting raped”. That being said, I am writing this to clear confusion, for a portion of my readers and address their issues/concerns with my writing/content. If it was some petty issue, I would have overlooked it – there are times when people hold different opinion about different subject matters. However, rape doesn't fall under that category. It’s a crime, period! I am not sure how people can hold difference in opinion about this issue.

The first issue addressed by many was the title of the article as well as the sarcasm of the story. This is an acceptable argument made. In my defense, previously, I'd written an article on the same issue with a clear title and blatantly just raged against the crime. It didn't get much attention. You know why? People from all over the world have stated facts against rapes and made similar arguments. I don’t think anyone has ever dared to start out by saying “Today I feel like getting raped”. It was a bold move. Although hesitant, I knew people would be intrigued by the title and I wanted my words to be heard!

About the use of sarcasm, it was my way of tightly slapping the officials who set those guilty criminals free based on the ground of lacking evidence. In the story the girl starts out by having a thought about getting raped. Do you think these innocent girls when walking out of their house know what lies ahead of them? NO! It is something unexpected. So you can’t expect the victims to have solid evidences. In such a conservative society, isn't the victim coming out and sharing their horror stories and bruises enough of an evidence? That is what I wanted people to understand through sarcasm. Also, twisted words tend to intrigue the brain, that's my belief!

Moving on, someone argued that I was “one of those wannabe sluts from the West bringing out old beaten up argument”. I don’t even know where to start from. Firstly, if this person had asked me if I wanted to be a slut, I would have said no. Wannabe is something you want to/are trying to be and no I don’t want to be a slut so change your label. Sure, I might sound like a - wannabe blogger? Wannabe writer? Wannabe woman activist? I am not sure where you drew that "slutty" impression from. Check your facts before labeling someone, okay? Cool! “From the West?”. Just because I am not currently in Nepal doesn’t mean you get to outcast me by calling my argument from the West. I belong to the same country and I have as much of the right to share my thoughts as you do about my country. And nowhere in my post had I mentioned anything about USA. It is a simple story that happens in Nepal, why would that be called an argument from West?? And again, regarding the old beaten up arguments, well these are going to continue unless we can minimize the case of rape and/or do something to control it if not eradicate. I am not even sorry if that bothers you.. I along with many other concerned citizens will keep raising their voice, deal with it, sir!

Then someone pointed out that holding grudges against the rapists is not right. He thinks forgiving and moving on leads to a peaceful and joyful nation. He also pointed out that these rapists need love and we need to understand that. To this person, I just have one question. If someday (I hope never), your daughter/wife/sister comes up to you after getting raped and begs you to join her in her fight, would you be able to look in her eyes and tell her, “Honey, it’s okay - that guy needed love. You need to forgive that person by understanding his situation. He needed love, so let it go and move on."? If yes, then I have nothing more to tell you! The only thing you missed to understand is that a peaceful and joyful nation is when all the citizens, regardless of their age, sex, gender, religion, and similar factors can live with no fear. Speaking in this context, they should be able to live their life without the fear of being pulled to a dark alley and getting raped!

The whole point of me writing this is to rage against this portion of population who just can’t accept the fact that rape is happening and it is indeed a crime. There were people giving me numbers on how rate of rape in USA is greater so I am at greater risk. When did I even say I wanted to talk about USA. You're comparing apples to oranges here. Either way, my concern is about the situation in Nepal. There are citizens from USA to address their issue here, let's re-direct our focus to our own country okay? We can help USA later if it is what you want! Also this is what is wrong with the society. Until and unless we don’t stop the finger-pointing and accept our own fault, we will never be able to move forward.

Then there were people pointing out how intelligent and smart women don’t wear revealing cloths. A fully naked stripper standing next to these people, any day, would look and sound way smarter than these people making such absurd arguments. And I am sure they are for a fact! Why should anyone be ashamed to wear cloths according to their preference? Also if clothing is the issue then the rapists must have eyes equipped with x-rated vision to see through normal tshirt and jeans?!?

This issue just boils my blood to the extremes. How and why are we even making rape a controversial issue? Rape is a crime, enough said! People going around making excuses for the rapists and playing the blame game is why rape is increasing by day! "A kid threw banana skin on the street- a woman slipped and fell in front of me- I gave her my hand- Our touch sparked me up- I had been looking for love for quite some time- This spark made it clearer I could be loved right now- I pulled her to a nearby alley and hence it happened- oops"?! Yeah, this is the kind of slippery slope fallacy that we are making. It’s neither the kid’s fault nor the woman’s. Don’t blame the situation and the victim - rather blame the criminal’s inadequacy to control his urge and provide justice accordingly.. Amen!


  1. Moving on? without solving the problem you are faving ttoday? So it means that man wants to regret in the future of his decisions he made today. Interesting -.-

    1. I am sorry but i don't understand what your concern is? If "moving on" that I used for the start of 4th paragraph then it was just my way of saying, I have explained myself about first issue so lets talk about second one.. I think you misread it? or? I honestly don't understand! If you make yourself clearer I'll def. have something to explain about!


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