Why hate the lovers?!?


Past few weeks have been no different than a roller coaster ride for me. From graduating to moving to a different state to visiting way too many places, to getting into complicated attachments, life has changed a lot. Besides the quick update ( to those who care enough), I am going to jump into yet another rant. In the past, I have written about being in friendzone, to hating love, to heartbreaks and stuff like that and this, my friends could be a mix of all. I am going to vent about some people who are always complaining/not understanding about those people who somehow manage to always end up in complicated sort of relationships!  

Confusing eh? Well to break it down further, if we look around our friend circle, there has to be at least one guy/girl-friend of ours that is always prone to getting into the most complicated flings/relationships ever. If not, that person could be you! :P Either way, I have seen people always going gaga about these innocent kids! I know its easy to sit there and question their judgment every time but ever wondered what is it like to be in their place?

Being in a complicated relationship is not that bad I tell you, what is worst is being in a series of complicated relationships and going through the similar heartbreak every single time. By complicated relationships, I mean those relationships that are hanging halfway through between not-a-relationship yet to so close to being official. It’s like dating a person but not quite dating them yet.

From what I have experienced and/or observed the problem with these people is the fear of confrontation. Avoiding the “talk” or “demands” because a) either they assume they are not deserving enough to demand anything and would much rather be satisfied with whatever is offered or b) they care about the other person so much that they hand them the whole power to that one-way relationship and turn into that person’s minion.

Yes, I do agree that it might seem the stupidest thing to do to the other people. But one must not forget that this is how that person feels. Rationality either doesn't kick in at all or kick in really late for these people. Just because you are either lucky or brave enough to speak for yourself doesn't mean everyone else is too. This also doesn't mean that these people are the weakest in the world. Maybe they just can’t handle being in relationships. Or maybe no one has ever made them feel important enough yet. Who knows?

I remember my puppy-love/hand-holding high school days when I was dating a guy who was clearly double-timing. He had the guts to confront about it and twist and turn his words to the point where he made me feel sympathetic towards him instead. Yes I would do his home works (lol), do him favors, listen stories about his other girlfriend and yet at the end of the day she was the one who went on dates with him while I was his name-sake girlfriend. I might sound like a loser to you but trust me I liked being his girlfriend, for some reason. Ha! Somehow I enjoyed being in that relationship and I did learn quite few lessons so yes I still don’t regret that eleventh-grade relationship in general. So coming from someone who has been in such a stupid relationship, trust me it is easier said than done when you say it’s easy to walk away!

“Love, officially, is nothing but a bitch” as Chetan Bhagat quotes, love turns out to be a bitch for many if not all. These people getting into complicated relationships are the ones who actually are able to love like crazy. They have been heart broken enough in many different ways to be strong enough to love with passion and yet let go as needed. So the least we can do for them is let them be and not judge. After all, no matter how bitchy, that feeling of being in love (however short-lived) is beautiful. Cheers and Happy new year!!!


  1. I don't think people hate the lovers. I believe they hate the situation they get into because of all the effects have mentioned above. He/she is very important to me and its is painful to see him/her fall into love with someone who hardly cares. Our hope is that he/she gets ut of that relationship. Hence all the negative comments about that relationship :)


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