Being Single Sucks?!?

Every morning I wake up, I look in the mirror and ask myself, what is wrong with me? Why is it that I am single. Maybe there is something wrong with me? Maybe it is my imperfect face or could it be my body? Being 20 something, independent, and living a good life, I feel like something is not right. Why? Because I am single. Being single is the new "not-cool" thing and sadly enough, I made it to the list of the outcasts. 

So yesterday, I had this huge craving for Indian food and I wanted to go out and eat. But then, I realized have no companion to go with. After debating for sometime, I decided to go eat in a restaurant by myself. My my, I do own a pair eh? I walked into the restaurant and let the hostess know that I was dining by myself. Well, obviously, she asked me twice and then looked at me like I was some crazy person. Well, yeah I deserved it! Restaurants are meant for only people who have a companion to go with, right? Boy, speak about committing a crime.

As I sat down, the server asked me twice if there was anyone joining me. Then the bus boy also felt the need to come back and double check the fact that I would be dining alone. I just smiled and nodded yes. But inside I was shaking. Why? Because I am single. I should have been at home feeling pathetic about my lonely life, watching some sad movies on Netflix and binge eating junks. After all that's what single people are supposed to do. Feel lonely, sad, and pathetic about life. They should be banned from all the public places and going out and stuff you know. They don't deserve to lead a normal life because they are single, eh?

I really hope you guys caught the sarcasm. If not, here is an explanation. The story that I shared above is true and happens to me more often than not. It's just sad to see how people feel the need to pity single people. I just don't understand why enjoying your own company is an alienated idea to people. I just wish people could understand that "being single by choice" is a thing.

Whenever I have conversation with people about relationships, I always have to explain the reason behind me being single. And its even more annoying when people think that I am trying to make myself feel better by making myself believe that I am happy to be single. Being single is fun. I am not making it up. I have been in relationship before and I know what it feels like. I would be lying when I say I don't have my down days. Yes, some days I do wish I had someone to share that romantic relationship with. But if I am not mistaken, people in relationship do have such down days as well. There are times when you do wish you were single too. It's just the same. Just that few minutes/hours of pondering and then  you're back in your normal life. It's the same for me too, so you don't get to judge me!

This is not only about people who are single versus who are in relationship. This is rather against the idea that "you need a companion to enjoy your life". I am sorry that you feel bad for me but I don't. I honestly enjoy going out to restaurant to eat by myself, going shopping on my own, or long walks, or movies, and the likes. I don't feel the necessity of having someone to tag along with me. I am sorry if that makes you uncomfortable or if you don't believe it but it is what it is! 

This is to all the people who are single and actually making the most out of it - please continue doing so. You are not single because there is something wrong with you. You are single because you want to be. This is to you guys who are not ready to settle down for less just because you think you are among the outcasts for not having someone by your side. Yes, you can be single, independent, happy, and live your life loving yourself and there is nothing wrong with that. Cheers to you all!! :)


  1. I will go get indian food with you! :)

    1. awhhhh heheh Alycia.. we gotta go for sure!!! Lets go to Himalayan one of these days!! :D


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