Growing up sucks??

Why grow up? Well it's more than just a rhetorical question I'm sure. We keep hearing about it very often. This time the article is not the usual rants I'd write about. This is more of an analysis maybe? (Blame it on the literary-analysis classes that I'm taking). Whatever it is, "growing up" is something that can be taken in many different ways and we all have different perspectives to it. No matter how we keep repeating to ourselves, "age is just a number", our way of looking at things keep changing with age.

In my opinion though, no matter we hate it or love it, it is happening.. everyday. And we might not even be noticing it sometimes. I hope you get the hang of the type of growing up that I'm talking about here. Well I will throw in some ideas/situations of how we are all growing up in one way or another every day.

The much talked about topic is of course learning to manage your bills. Gone are the days when you would juggle back and forth between your mom and dad to negotiate for the maximum possible dollars/rupees you could most possibly get out of them. And that was just to spend on some stupid parties/shopping sprees/dates or what-so-ever you had planned out. Now you've started making some money and every penny counts, literally! Now you plan your budget and make the calculations. You might even think twice before spending $20 on a dress that you've had your eyes on for long! (; Yupp that is a part of growing up.

Then comes the "what the hell was I thinking?" moments.. very often. Relating to the previous situation, you could be thinking about the money you wasted just because you were going to some party/trip or something like that which doesn't make sense to you anymore. The moment you realize you were doing it just because it wasn't your hard earned money. Or you could be thinking about the time and energy you wasted on that puppy love when clearly it meant nothing.. it was just puppy love. Or the unnecessary fights you picked up with a friend over a trivial issue. When you actually start to sit down and analyze all these different moments, it's most definitely a part of growing up.

Then the learning to let go phase. This includes respecting other people's opinion as well. You come across all these situations, almost on a daily basis, when you'd much rather punch someone in their gut. Rather, you realize life is too short to be arguing/fighting over everything. So no matter how hot headed you are, you learn to pull yourself together and smile and walk away. Then there are situations where you might hold completely different opinion than someone else's. You start stepping in someone else's shoes and trying to look at the world from a different perspective. Your willingness to try says it all.

One of the most important part of growing up in my opinion is learning the value of different relationships. You don't fight/argue with your family members very often because you know their value now. You'd rather have a few very good friends than a flock of needy-parasitic people you call "friends".. yes I said it! :P You want to spend more time with these important people in your life or let's just say your life revolves around these people.

Well if you think about it there are many more small and big changes that you can see in yourself. Growing up happens too early for some and very late for others. Also growing up doesn't necessarily mean growing old. This happens when you actually make use of the "calendar" app you have on your phone. You start planning ahead of time and try to manage your life on your own. Life is no longer about deciding the color of crayons or picking out your cloths. Facebook status updates are less dramatic now. You learn to move on from things that you know are non-achievable. No matter how hard it is, you start compromising and settling down. After all there's more to life than just crying over spilled milk!

And also growing up is not always that bad and doesn't suck so much! You could still be doing stupid things or making mistakes; but at the end of the day what matters is if you are at least learning something from it. Growing up doesn't necessarily mean giving up all the fun activities in your life and getting trapped into a web of responsibilities. Well it is, but then again it is entirely up to you on how you take it. No matter you call it mandatory or not, growing up is inevitable.


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