23 and Single - The PERKS! (;

It's been a LONG time folks.. But I'm back, with a bang.. tee hee. This post is going to be very different from the others that I've written. I've always been complaining about stuff and raging and ranting. This is the first time I will be looking at the positive side about something. Being single- Love it or hate it, but you have to live with it.. well for some.

These days, I feel like I'm surrounded by people who are either getting in relationships, getting married, having babies and what not. I just have to log into Facebook and Bam.. all these couple posts. I'm not even a marriage material. All my relationships have been terrible so far and I am not very fond of babies either. Yet, there are times when these posts just happen to boil my blood, giving me that ping of jealousy. I guess early 20s is that time when people start taking these things seriously. Being 23, the peer pressure is definitely high when even the youngest cousin in the family starts dating.

Having said that though, peer pressure and jealousy are not just enough to make it the end of the world. There are so many perks of being single. Lets start from the biggest of all - having no strings attached. Early 20s is also a time when most of us are graduating out of college. The first stepping stone towards career building. When you are in a relationship, the opportunity just narrows down. One is bound to compromise for another or there will be some sort of guilt trips for one or the other. When you are single though, the world is just waiting for you with the arms wide open. Not just from one state to another, you could even travel to another side of the world without the strings from your relationship like long distance, break ups, compromises, and things like that pulling you down.

Then comes the self-appreciation part. When you're in a relationship, you're always investing your time and energy in it that you don't really have some time for just yourself. You're either arguing about something, convincing each other about something, or doing things that you both can agree upon. Now that you're single, you can blissfully utilize the times, that you'd otherwise be spending on arguing, to do something meaningful. You will be surprised to see what you're actually capable of doing or at your new found hobbies.

Ever since I have been single, I have realized I'm actually getting good at so many things. My financial condition is starting to get better, career-wise I'm actually moving forward, my social life is getting better, my unwavering diligence at work, and the best of all - I don't have to look for reasons to be happy, I just am!

Well it always depends on what kind of relationship you are in. Some people are lucky enough to find the perfect ones in one shot while the others are just always in the wrong ones; and I happen to be the latter. For the first time in a while, I've come to a realization that I'm actually happy. I don't have many baggage from relationship holding me down. 

Being single doesn't mean you're alone. You actually start appreciating people around you and having time to spend with them. You always have your friends and family to back you up. Being single might not be the best thing to happen to you, but trust me peeps, it is also not the worst. Just because everyone is getting in a relationship doesn't mean you can't be single and happy. "Two roads diverged into a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." ~ Robert Frost. This definitely speaks the state of my mind. Having chosen career over love, I hope someday it will make a good difference in my life. Few years down the line, I see myself reading this poem "The Road not Taken" with a smile on my face! (:


  1. Your Career is Ipad Delivery person?

    1. Well I am not here trying to talk anyone into some particular career.. So I don't see why you're either bothered or intrigued by what I do.. Anyway, to answer your initial question: no.. If you knew me well enough rather than a little you wouldn't even be asking this sort of stupid question.. Just saying! (:


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