Masqueraded Smiles

Yes its sinking me in
Taken up all I had to offer
What is left of me?
I question myself,
I look in the mirror
It stares right back at me
Blank stare!

Who am I?
I question myself again,
All I see is a weak, pathetic soul
Smothered in the smoke of despair,
Staring right back at me
Blank stare!

Do you see what you've done?
The eyes don't smile no more!
Do you see your cynical self in me?
I don't know myself no more!
The depth of my inner anguish?
Oh them masqueraded smiles,
Might have covered them all!

I bet your preeminent self is content
Seeing all the shifts you made
You smile, I smile; You frown, I frown
Who cares what's beneath the masquerade?


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