Dealing with heartbreaks?!?

Dealing with heartbreaks is the worst. Oftentimes in life we find ourselves in situations when we feel betrayed, ignored, left out or in simpler term just heartbroken. There could be zillions of reasons behind it. The one that I hate the most is when you care for someone just too much and don’t get even half of it in return. So in such conditions we try our best to find things to make ourselves feel better. I personally dance my stress away, or sometimes bake, or clean or find something to distract myself. Yet at the end of the day when you have no option but to face the sad demon within yourself, you realize how badly you’re hurting.

Coming to think about it though, I feel like we are the ones who put ourselves in that place. We are hurt because we care. We immensely put our trust in someone and get disappointed when we don’t get back the same in return, or at least most of us. We put some people in our top priority list when we barely even make it to their to-do-list… for the week.

It’s frustrating how you can see that you are not as important to them and still you care. You can give your hearts and lungs out (lol) to those people if possible. You also know that if you needed the same, they wouldn’t do it. These are the people that give you cold shoulders and yet you can’t help but care for them. You lose all your practical rationalism when it comes to these people.

I have been told by many that I am a very rational and practical person. And I do agree that I am.. Well for most people. I don’t have hard time saying no in situations. Then again there are these handful of people that fall under my top priority list that I care about with passion. What sucks most is when the people from that list are the people that let you down. Imagine when this realization strikes you when you are sitting in a public place and you can do nothing but cry your heart out. Then you are left with no option but to take the consolation from strangers because the person that was supposed to be your shoulder to cry on is the reason behind your tears. Yupp, definitely not a pleasing situation to be in.

How do we deal in these situations? I wish there was an easy way to get out of it. Imagine having a switch that would let you turn your emotions on and off when you wanted to. That would be wonderful!! I wish there was a better way for us to realize things. We are surrounded by people that love us and care for us. Yet we choose to take these people for granted and go after people that don’t even give a shite!

I am no expert when it comes to dealing with heartbreaks. But then as the saying by the great Abraham Lincoln goes, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be”. This is where I take the motivation from. I might be deeply shattered and heartbroken but I always try to find ways to make myself happy. I always chose to be happy over heartbroken. So all I can say to you folks is to try to find things that make you happy. Realizing that you are heartbroken and running it in your head over and over again just makes things worst. So rather than thinking about it and killing yourself within, try to do things that actually make you happy. Be with people who want to make you happy and do the same for them. I know it is hard but it is not something not do-able! Cheers! (:


  1. Yet another well expressed thought Pinky Priyanka :) ...n yes i hear u its so true.. just wana say let go!!..cuz u cant be selfless to this selfish world ... n good going..the remedies u mentioned actually works maybe not up to the mark but it does quite a bit ;) ...stay happy n ambitious always ;) :)

    1. awww Swojani di.. Thanks for taking your time out to read!! :) You da best!!! ;)

  2. Everything in in your mind...control over it and you can control any and down are part of life....remember, even concrete structures sometimes show the stress cracks......but quick filling and a paint....and it looks stands tall and it serves its said might have to wait for a while for repair to take its full effect...but while waiting...BAKING indeed is a good want to be sweet to the alternative person who can mend that broken heart :) correct?


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