Please let our boy-friends breathe!!


Okay no more feminism for a while now! Girlfriends, its been long since I have been loyal to us and have been favoring us, so its time to change the gear and take a moment to see if we are doing something wrong. This time my rant is about those clingy girlfriends of ours that need to let our boy-friends breathe.

We all have that one sweet boy-friend of ours who we think is going to make the best boyfriend/husband. He has all these nice qualities and we can always look up to him if we need help. This boy-friend of ours is such a sweet heart and he helps everyone out when needed. He likes hanging out with friends and having fun. But if we take a close look at his life, its a huge freaking mess. Why? Thanks to his overly attached girlfriend.

Dude she is like everywhere. Literally! She wants to be around him ALL.THE.TIME. After he started dating her, it looks like he has no life now.. besides her. You will often spot him around but everytime its either with her or with her friends. For some reason, she just doesn't want him to hang out with his friends anymore. God knows why! And fortunately if somehow he manages to spare some time out for his friends, she calls/texts him.. like in every half an hour or so. Most of the time, he even has some good explanation to do later. This might be the extreme situation but trust me, this isn't something uncommon.

This girlfriend just needs to calm the eff down and control her hormones/emotions. She needs to understand that he is not going anywhere. We all love having someone in our life and having that romantic kind of relationship. Everybody is definitely different but it is also true that once in a relationship, girls are more inclined towards flaunting him or the relationship in general every now and then. And that's completely fine.

Its cute to sometimes see couple pictures/posts on Facebook, Twitter, and all these other social networking websites you can think of. But as they say, too much sugar tastes bitter. There is a limit to everything. Even your favorite food starts tasting bad if you have a lot at once. Or even your favorite chick-flick starts looking absurdly unrealistic if you watch it again and again everyday.

I have seen these overly attached girlfriends who keep posting lubby-dubby posts or those pictures almost everyday. It might seem cute for a day or two but after that? psh! Not just other people, even her boyfriend is going to start hating them. Why doesn't she get it? *Sigh*

The worst is yet to come here. The way she invades his life. Jesus Christ! She blocks almost every girls out of his Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and what not and if possible she would even block them out of his life.. for real! Girlfriend, I know you think he is the best guy in the world and he means a lot to you. Okay! But just keep that in mind that not everyone feels the same way. He is not that BIG of a deal for everyone, trust me. If he genuinely tells you he has few girl-friends, have some faith in him. I understand the insecurities arising from some girls that you don't get good vibes from. But hello, how can you get that vibe from every girl around?

Not just girls, this girlfriend of ours is jealous of everyone important in his life in general. She wants him all to herself and all the time. Damn girl, don't you get bored of him? Even for some minutes? The sad part though is these girls get the good guys. Their boyfriends are the sweetest and they would just do whatever it takes to make her happy. It might be his fault as well if you take a close look at it, but since I started out saying no feminism, I'll not go there or dig into it now. (;

Girlfriends, if you can relate to this and if you think this is you in some way then there is nothing wrong in taking a step back. I know its easier said than done but we can always try. If we have someone who respects us and values us so much then doesn't he deserve the same in return as well? Is he asking for too much if he wants you to trust him? I understand its not that easy with all those mixed feelings of jealousy and insecurity, but if we try and overcome them, its only going to make things better.

So girlfriends lets think about it and see if we are really giving him enough room or just invading. If you think he needs space, give him some. He had a different life before you walked in. Things do change after that but then that life was and is a part of him. Why would you want to take that away? So don't make him stand in that difficult spot of decision-making like "its either her or me", or "its either them or me", or "you're either coming with me or this ends" and something like that.

If he's trying so much to gain your trust, take that risk and trust him. After all, you mean a lot to him too. You do realize that, don't you? So girlfriends, lets spread the word and let our boy-friends breathe!


  1. I can see there are no girl's comments here..When there's a post that's feminist, the post gets flooded with their "you got that right! " comments but here the girls are like "ain't nobody got time fo dat!" ..well you seem to be a girl with proper understanding of both male and female perceptions..someone will be a lucky guy I must say!

  2. Pravin,

    hehe thank you for the kind words.. that is def. a good encouragement! (:


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