The much dreaded zone- Friend zone!!!

Its finals week and I have loads and loads of papers to write but guess what did I decide to do instead? All of a sudden I felt the urge to start a blog. I wanted to post my rant somewhere. Unfortunately, its too long to be put as a Facebook status so here I am with my rant about the most common complaints of all from boys: FRIEND ZONE!

Friend-zoned and depressed and disappointed? Dude, ask yourself, who put you in this situation? Did the girl ask you to be her bottom *beep*? Be honest, you had that in mind that she wasn't up for commitment. C'mon don't lie now, when it came to the topic about being in a relationship she always had zillions of excuses. You knew it but you still wanted to keep on trying, didn't you? You wanted to look good in her eyes, you wanted to be her prince charming. That is what kept you going.

There are all different cases of friend zones and I am talking about ones that I've seen the most. The girl is in a pathetic relationship but still loves her guy dearly. She might be confused, disappointed, and whatsoever but at the end of the day all she talks to you about is him. And you listen to her. *SIGH*

Did she ask you to? Did she ask you to be a shoulder to cry on? No, you volunteered!
She might have just been fine without you, but who will say no to a friend in need who seems to care so much? Just cuz she talks to you doesn't mean she is into you. You were too stupid to not realize the difference. If she constantly talks about him then NO you can't replace her "pathetic" boyfriend so stop trying!

Some cases are real bad where the girls don't give guys any clue and keep them confused but most of the time, I have seen my guy friends get into these trap on their own. They try to replace the guy or try to be the man of her dreams. Even with the clear negative signal you still keep trying and doing things for her. You go shopping with her, run her errands and what not.

Then why would you call her names finally after you take a long time to realize what was right in front of you?

So guys, if you have a girl who is making you her second option but not letting you go as well, please don't waste your time on her; else just prepare to be in your favorite spot: THE FRIEND ZONE! But after you take your time to realize, please have the decency to accept your own mistake and move on. Cheers!


  1. Haha cheers re end ma chai, sab sad kura bhanepachi

  2. Well written!!...its hard to say who is more dumb here...??

    1. Thank you and yes that's true.. One is misleading the other that is just blindly following!

  3. timi ta thulo manobaigyanik raichau ta??? anywayz the thing so much true!!!!


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