Donate/Help/Pray For Nepal.. #Quake2015

Imagine you're on a carousel spending some quality time at the park with your family and the next thing you know, the world around you starts shaking as you, yourself, are spinning around. Imagine you're spending some quality time with your loved ones over some good lunch at home and the next thing know, the ground underneath starts shaking like crazy. Imagine you're leisurely walking hand in hand around town with your loved one and the next thing you know, the buildings around you start collapsing. Imagine you're enjoying the beautiful view and taking pictures of the city from the tallest historic building ever built, and next thing you know the building is collapsing on you... just imagine!

If just imagining the situations is enough to give us goosebumps, I can't even think how those people must have felt who were actually a part of these situations. Life is uncertain indeed. You must all be aware of the earthquake that took place in Nepal this Saturday, shaking up the whole nation as well as people all around the globe. It's sad that the after shocks are still ongoing. This devastation ended up taking away (and still taking) numerous lives, properties, historic buildings, and what not. The news was indeed very heart breaking, darkening, scary, and unbelievable to wake up to.

While our beautiful country is struggling to bounce back to the closest to being normal, it is very heart warming to see all the countries extending their helping hands by offering various kinds of help in the best ways possible that they are capable of giving. Looking at all those pictures really brought tears in my eyes. At times like these, the acts of generosity does remind that there is such thing as humanity. Us human beings, we are able to rise above everything and help each others in times of need. The act that stood out the best for me is India's PM Narendra Modi's involvement and interest in helping Nepal recover from this big crisis. He has walked one more mile by deciding to donate his one month's salary to the earthquake relief fund for Nepal. Kudos to this gentleman, bless his heart!

While countries from all over the world are donating, Nepalese from all over the world are fundraising, different nations are sending forces and other necessities, our country's elected officials have chosen to go MIA on us. I am not trying to bash anyone or create a negative environment here at such saddening moment, but despite the news of "denying help from Taiwan" and making comment about "Not needing support forces anymore in order to stop overcrowding", there isn't much in the news that I've heard from/about them. I see the locals carrying out different cleaning/support/fund raising/ medical support etc. campaigns on their own while the officials have chosen to be in their safe zone and not show up to get their hand dirty when needed. Let us all hope that they will find ways to manage helps being sent by different nations and rather make use of them wisely to tackle the crisis rather than rejecting them due to their lack of a plan of action. Also, let us hope that all these donations from all around the world will indeed be used to rebuild the beautiful country that has been shattered at the moment.

Other than that, lastly I would like to encourage people to donate however much you can to help Nepal try to bounce back to normal. I know there have been threats of hackers and scam pages, I understand the concern. I have chosen to post the link of "ANMN: Association of Nepalis in Minnesota" because I have been a part of this organization for long enough to trust their judgment. Follow the link where you will find a sub link to make the donation. The sub link was posted in the link for you to assess the organization and check it's credibility before you donate. (Just to clarify that it was not done for advertising purposes).

So please people, no matter what organization you donate through, do no hesitate to donate. The idea of "Every penny counts" is proven right in this context. Every penny that you donate will help those people who have lost the roof above their head, or to satisfy their hunger, or to quench their thirst. Eat at home one day and donate the money that you would otherwise be using for lavish lunch/dinner. Just imagine the pain that the people must be going through in that corner of the world and keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

Yes Nepal, we will bounce back and we will recover from this. Jai Nepal!!


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