Being Vegetarian!!!

" don't eat meat... WHYYYY?"

If you are a vegetarian, you will for sure understand the degree of agitation that I have with this question. Every new person that I meet who discovers that I don't meat feels this necessity to know why is it that I don't eat meat. And I am sick and tired of answering this question to every freaking person.

I mean why is it that choosing not to eat meat is like a crime these days? Why is there a necessity for vegetarians to "explain" the reason behind them being one, or whether they've ever tried eating meat before, or the number of years they have been vegetarian for and the likes! This is so frustrating that it is beyond explanation.

To those who eat meat - we get it, meat is delicious.. Trust me, we've heard a lot about it and still we've decided to stand by our preference. The reason behind it should be none of your business. We don't care the reason behind you eating meat, or the number of years that you've ate meat for and the likes. It's your personal preference and we respect that. So please stop bringing that piece of meat near our mouth in the attempt of tempting us. That is honestly more annoying/rude than funny, and gross at times.

I really hate it when people who eat meat constantly try to push the ones who don't to eat meat.

"You're missing out!"
"Just one bite and nobody has to know!"
"Imagine this juicy piece of steak in your mouth.. mmmm!"
"What if I mix some meat in your food, will you know?"
"What life are you living if you're not even eating meat?"

I have been vegetarian since sixth grade which means I have had meat before. As far as I remember, it used to taste good. I am not going to explain here why I quit eating meat. That was my personal preference. But what I can tell you for sure is, that not everyone feels the same way. Maybe your life is all about eating meat. Or maybe eating meat is indeed the secret to all the happiness in the world.. for you, yes! But just because you feel that way doesn't mean everyone else has to or does! Also, as long as nobody forced it on us, you shouldn't be bothered to tempt us into it. If we wanted to, we would be taking that bite of meat before you even bring it near our mouth!

It's just a piece/few pieces of meat. Why don't you just enjoy your share and let others be? As long as nobody is forcing you to stop eating meat, you shouldn't be forcing anybody to eat meat either. So next time you try to convince a vegetarian to eat meat, I hope you will think twice and then shut it like a civilized human being and enjoy the "goodness" that meat has to offer for you! :)


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