V-day tribute to the side kick!

With Valentine's Day being just around the corner, how could I miss the opportunity to celebrate love? Love is beautiful indeed. With so much love raining in every street and store around the globe, it would be harsh to post a rant against love. Not saying that I want to anyway! ;) Nevertheless, this post is also not going to be a tribute to the "beloved" or that special someone that the whole idea of V-day is dedicated to. This tribute is rather to that person who is as involved in the special relationship and giving suggestions and ideas all along.

To be honest, my initial thought was to write a tribute to that special kind of love and write about it's glory. Taking a deeper thought into it made me realize who would actually be deserving of the tribute more than the special beloved. I am not sure if it works the same way for our guy friends, but for us ladies - behind every successful or unsuccessful relationship, there has to be a best friend (or two or more) involved in that relationship as much. Not in a creepy way of course. This can however, come in handy to guy friends who are dating girls with a side kick (chic) tagged along! ;)

This person, BFF, best friend, best buddy, or however you would like to address, is an integral part of any relationship. From the first time you find someone attractive, to the first time you start texting that person, to the first date, to the first movie together, to first fight, and many more of these firsts, seconds, thirds.... that you can think of, this person knows each and every detail about the relationship. This person gets almost every screenshot of the conversation that's worth discussing about. This person gets every detail about all the intimacy going on between two people in a relationship. Yupp, transparency is the key here. Dear men, think twice before you text your lady something controversial the next time! ;)

Yes I am talking about the Meredith to Christina kind of friendship, (if you watch Grey's Anatomy) who makes any relationship worth being in. As someone who has been in the worst possible kind of relationships you can think of, I can't imagine going though them without my two special best friends. I am blessed to have these two confidantes in my life. These people are those that have celebrated the bliss of relationship during happy days and also helped pick the shattered pieces & glue them back together after the wreck. 

So I would like to raise a toast to my two best friends and all these wonderful women out there helping their friends either be in a relationship or get out of the messy ones. "Besides, what friends are for, if they can't pick up the pieces a man has left behind" as Emily Giffin quotes in Baby Proof, I can't agree more to this. We all do need that special person who will cherish our happy days and wipe our tears during the darker days in any relationship. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. Indeed.. a true story!!!...i pity on ppl who have their Valentines but lack a BFF!!...everyone must ve that one person or couple with whom u can share nythg n eeevrythg...luv my BFFs and also love u Pinky Priyanka ;) Happy Valentine's in adv :*

    1. Swojani di, I know right.. I can't imagine a life w/o these two ladies! Everybody should be blessed with at least one best girl friend, if not a couple! hehe I love you too.. Happy Valentine's day!


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