Unanticipated Scar.. #SupportSangitaMagar

"Scars show toughness: that you've been through it, and you're still standing" as quoted by Theo Rossi, some scars do speak stories of bravery. Wounded scars from battlefield, hardships, struggle, etc. indeed show courage and endurance. But how about those unanticipated scars that you neither wanted nor saw it coming? The ones that innocent victim like Sangita has to live for the rest of her life from an unexpected acid attack? The scars reminding her of bravery that she didn't even deserve or have to show in the first place.

I really feel bad for that young girl and a couple of her friends who had to go through this horrific incident. It's surprising to see how some people think it is okay to play with somebody's life like that. I mean what was he thinking? I am not sure what the story/reason is behind this act. There could be millions of either trivial or big reasons behind it; nevertheless, no action in the world deserves such brutal and inhuman crime the offender committed.

It is really saddening to see people from our society being encouraged to copy such negative influences from others. This incident luckily got big attention from the citizens and the media. So hopefully the concerned officials will be compelled to charge the guilty with something bigger than just a few thousands of rupees and a few months of imprisonment. Otherwise, that will just encourage more psychopaths to continue with such crimes.

Here's a sketch of the criminal that the police got, for your reference. Stay alert and do report if you happen to see this criminal around.

Also, here is a link (started by Lex Limbu as a pledge) if you are looking to support Sangita Magar to get through her medical bills.


I know many people shun donations. Giving some stranger your hard earned money is understandably tough. But think about all your splurges and maybe you will find something that you could give up for a day? Maybe you could give up a bar of chocolate, a cup of Starbucks coffee, pack your lunch from home instead of eating out, a can of soda, and the like? Something that you can live normally for a day without buying and save that couple of dollars, rupees, pounds... for her. That little something from you could buy her a file of medicine for days. Just think about it!

Don't sweat it if you are absolutely incapable of donating. Keeping her in your prayers for good health is a big support in itself. Spread the word peeps. This criminal needs to be caught and punished so that there won't be anymore Sangitas forced to live a life with scars all over her face and body. Let's raise our voice against it and support Sangita; also through her medical bills if possible!


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