24 and Single.. Should I be worried?

Its been a while.. About time I get back in the grind.. And what can be a better comeback than announcing to the world about my relationship status.. tee hee ;) Well in today's world, it might not actually work out in my best interest. Being single is the new "not cool" trend these days!

One thing that I get a LOT these days - "24 and single?!?, Girl you're too old to be picky now!"

Not many people seem to get or understand the fact that there is such thing as "Single by choice". Today, I will walk you through the world of a single person.

- There is no one to split the bill/dinner with. While everyone on the table wants their checks together, you will be the only one asking for a separate check. Either go big and order the three course meal or enjoy your one-entree meal! ;)
- Being single means running all the errands on your own.. This includes unclogging bathroom, killing roaches, learning to zip up your dress on your own, fixing the light bulbs, assembling your own furniture, carrying all grocery bags on one take by yourself, changing the door knob on your own, and the likes.. whhewww!
- You're your own person. Moments of meltdowns or joy, there is no instant shoulder to lean on or jump into.
- Dinner dates, movies, concerts, etc. Either tag along, or be gutsy enough to be on your own, else stay at home.
- Looking for roomies in Craigslist.
- Plus 1 RSVP? ppffttt!!!

There are many more of these that I can't even think of right now. Single by choice means, knowing all of these and yet willing to be on your own!

Well there are as many perks also but let's not go there now. Being single may not be the easiest way of life but it is also not the toughest of all. It all depends on how much you want to compromise with yourself. I have been in that phase where all I wanted was to not be single so I went above and beyond trying to be in a relationship. But then, looking back I realize all I wanted was to be in the cool club.

As I spent my 24th birthday not so long ago, within four walls of my room (that I call home), eating a slice of frozen cake that I got from the nearby grocery store and sipping on the self-made screw driver, I realized that life is more about doing what you really want versus doing what is in the trend. I've forced myself to be in relationships for the fear of being single before but that night I realized that the loneliness was worth all the forced conjugal happiness.

This is to all those people who think they should be worried because they are twenty something and still single.... well guess what, you def. shouldn't be!! Being single takes a commitment of your own to make yourself happy and put yourself before anyone else.. You may be called arrogant or selfish but at the end of the day you are surviving on your own. You can survive in any corner of the world on your own. Also, age is just a number ;) And lastly, you are your own hero.. so pat yourself in the back.. go figure!!!!


  1. If being single can make you write such nice stuffs, i wouldn't mind being one!!:)nice one!!


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