Being Woman!

I want to go outside and play!
"You're insane! Do you think you're a boy?"
"Go get your dolls married."
"Babysit your little brother."
"Go help your mother in the kitchen."
"Why are you sitting with your legs wide open?"
"Learn to be polite."
"Learn some household chores. That will help you in the future, not these books."
"If you behave like how good girls are supposed to, you will be happy in life."
"You're a girl, enough said."

I was groped/lurked over/harassed/teased...
"Who told you to go socialize with everyone?"
"Learn how to dress up better."
"Well, you thought men and women could be friends, good lesson learnt eh?"
"Why did you have to go out in the evening?"
"Why did you leave the house at all?"
"That's what happens when you go around provoking men."

I don't want to get married yet or even maybe never!
"You're a woman. You can't afford to wait any longer."
"You're gonna be a burden on your family forever?"
"What else do you want to do then? Aren't you afraid of your future?"
"You need a man to survive in this world."

I don't want to have kids yet or even maybe never!
"You think you're going to be fertile forever?"
"Are you infertile?"
"That is one thing that you were born to do."
"Wait until your husband finds another wife, then you will know"
"You're selfish and egocentric."

My husband cheated on me!
"You didn't love him enough."
"That's what happens when you're unable to satisfy your man."
"He still loves you and the kids. That matters more."

My husband died!
"She is a freaking witch who ate up my son."
"Although she is my daughter-in-law, she is like my daughter, so she will stay with us; come help me in the kitchen honey!"
"He wants to marry you even after knowing everything. He comes from a well off family in the city. He will keep you happy!"
*Some money and SOLD!*

What is a woman's worth after all?

These are some of many examples of restrictions a woman has to go through in her lifetime. There could be many more or less compromises made depending on how lucky or unlucky you get. This is the face of the society we live in. Rather than teaching our sons not to rape, we rather teach our daughters to protect themselves. Rather than restricting men from disgusting acts like rapes and domestic violence, we restrict women from going out, living their life, or from their basic rights in general. Most of us may or may not be able to relate to some or all of it, but in the end, this should speak the life of a lot of women world-wide.

Khaled Hosseini quotes in 'A Thousand Splendid Suns', "Like a compass needle that points north, a man's accusing finger always finds a woman. Always". I partially agree to this. I say partially because it is not just men that are good at accusing women; us, women, fail to stand up for each other. It is disappointing to see how easy it is for some women to forget their own worth and believe they come second.

No we don't come second. We are also human beings. We were born the same way and we die the same way. Some physical differences doesn't decide our in-between lifetime. We may perceive things differently but we are definitely not the outcasts. Let's form a pact to have each other's back. Let us not satisfy ourselves with equality in pay rates or a few seats in the parliament. What are they even worth if that doesn't even grant us the respect we deserve? We don't need a man to lead a happy life. I am also not saying, you shouldn't have one. Rather than it being a societal norm, do it for yourself. Don't do it for the sake of other's. Stand up and fight for what you believe in. It may be a tough road ahead, but someone needs to pave that path. For ourselves and for our daughters!

Let "being woman" not be an excuse to carry out heinous crimes or acts of discrimination. Being woman is beautiful. Let us not live a life being disappointed for that reason. Be proud, happy, feisty, aggressive, compassionate, free, independent, and everything of the likes but not ashamed! Be your own strength!!! Happy International Women's Day Ladies! :)  


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